What in your mind is the culture of the Harbin Clinic?

Culture is arguably one the most powerful intangibles an organization can have. There has been a siesmic shift ongoing within the HC over the past 5 years. Share your thoughts and opinion how this transformation has changed You, Your Department, Your staff, your colleagues and most importantly your Family. Feel free to sign in with your own private pseudonym if anonymity will create comfort for you and give you free reign to speak your mind. We plan to eventually publish these comments in our new HARBIN CLINIC CULTURE BOOK. Let dialogue begin and thank you for your time to contribute. After all this is to be OUR Culture Book.

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Medicine Unity

Our goal here is to explore different solutions to bringing healthcare back into the hands of the healthcare provider and the patient. Over the past 30 years a lot of “third parties” have become involved and impaired seriously the patient-provider covenant of trust. We want this to be a forum for exploring different ideas and solutions to what you the healthcare provider, i.e. Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Nurses etc feel we need to do to bring us closer to our patients. I hope you all find value in this need and participate with your suggestions. There are no right or wrong answers and all feedback is welcomed. Hope to hear from you. Regards, Al

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Hello world!

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